It's All In The (pink!!!) Details

Ok, I know I told you all I was in the process of moving and I would only be doing
small posts until I was all done but I couldn't help but post this adorable wedding
shot by the fabulous Stephanie Williams Photography
I am LOVING this tie & suit combination! So many men are afraid of a little pink but
this groom not only wore a little pink he went full throttle and wore a FUSCHIA striped tie.
Congratulations it was well worth it man!
Ok... I know I post a lot of the 'shoe shots' but I just love them!!! Can you really deny pink stilettos? I think not!

Yes, there are two photos of shoes in this one post, but are
these bridesmaid's shoes not adorable?
This couple chose to do a 'first look' and I think this photo says it all about them and their color scheme, beautiful!
Even with a white linen the centerpiece really packs a punch!


A Twist on the All-American: Red, White & Aqua?

When you see Red, White & Blue it's hard not to think about the amazing country were all so blessed to live in, or the troops overseas who are fighting for us day and night. So today, the 4th of July, please don't forget why we celebrate this holiday and who has fought, present and past, to keep us free and safe.
So in honor of this famously colorful holiday I thought I would give it a little spin and
make it Red, White & Aqua!
This is already a fabulous new color combo that I'm loving, but I think it's a great summery version of the colors we know and love.
Jam in Mason Jars, can you get more American? I think not!

God Bless our Troops & Veterans.