Cute As a BUTTON!

I can't help it, if it's got buttons on it I'm in love! I think this love was passed on from my grandmother. She used to make all of her own clothes and had bins and bins of buttons and when she passed I was lucky enough to inherit her collection which I've started using on everything. I even turned some of her buttons and old thimbles into cabinet pulls in my office!

LOVEly Shots

All of the photos today are courtesy of one of my fav's Jagger Photography!

I love the feeling in this one, they are just so ridiculously in love....
I literally got goosebumps when I saw this...


How to Spice Up Your Photobooth!

When it comes to making your BIG day it's most special,
the name of the game is PERSONALIZATION!!!

Anytime you can add that special touch to your day I say it's a must and if you've been to any {chic!!} weddings lately you'll know that photo-booths are the new MUST! Here are some great things I've found to spice up your wedding photo-booth:

Give Your Background a Punch of Color!
Now that were in a recession...yes, I said it, a recession EEK...a lot of brides are adding even
more DIY projects to their wedding To-Do Lists. Want to save over $1000? Make your own
Photo-Booth! Hang a vibrant fabric as a backdrop and let your guests at it
Are you having an outdoor wedding? Hang your fabric between two trees! Think out of
the box: use a fun flat sheet, roll of fabric, table cloth, drapes, etc...Don't want to pay an
extra professional photographer to manage the booth? Get a friend of a friend
of a friend{that you can trust of course} to take pictures of your guests
during your wedding. Shake it up by using a Polaroid and have your guests sign the bottom
and add them to a scrapbook for you and your groom to look at again and again.Don't Be Afraid to Make a BIG Statement!
Can't seem to find that perfect piece to make your background your own? Then...Make it! The amazing newlyweds, KC + Sara, used pieces of reclaimed wood to create a backdrop
not only for their wedding but then moved pieces over to their reception to use as
a backdrop. Keep an eye out for a post to showcase their entire wedding day!
This couple, that I found via Snippet and Ink, was lucky enough to host their
wedding and reception at the brides parent's home. As a wedding day surprise,
her father and sister hand painted this amazing heart with the couple's initials on
the side of the home. Most of us probable won't be lucky enough to paint on the side
of your country club, hotel, etc... venues but you could always translate
this idea onto a canvas!Give Them Props!!!
As soon as I saw this booth from The Studio Nouveau I was smitten {I also saved it to my
personal 'Wed Style File'}!!! Letting your family and friends write cute, and
sometimes funny things, to you is such a sweet addition to your wedding day. LOVE!!!!!!!
Have a guest list full of fun, vibrant, young and the young at heart? Give them some fun props
to get them into the mood to get a little crazy! Some of the more popular props:
feather boa's, mustaches, hats, swords, sunglasses...just be creative!


Turquoise & Sand Inspired Vows

Being from a beach state I just had to do a post on turquoise wedding decor! Sometimes beach weddings can be a little too literal, but I think these items will give your day just enough of the care-free beach vibe without going overboard on theme or budget!

The Cake:
Over at Seaside Smitten she posted a blog including a description of
a beautiful Martha Stewart Necco Inspired Cake and as soon as I saw the photo
I was positive this was the one she was referring to. It is so simple yet amazingly beautiful.
Hint: Doing this cake on a budget have Publix make your cake and supply
them with a photo and Necco's and they can take care of it for you! Don't buy
100's of packages and pick through them, they can be found online in bulk by color
The Favors: they aren't blue but they are in sand, so it counts, right? These edible pebbles
are such a cute play on the beach theme, just make sure you tag them like this
bride did so that your guests aren't afraid to eat them! Not lucky enough to live near
an ocean to get sand? Use brown sugar!
The Decor:
I actually saved this photo a few years back and just wanted the chance to showcase it, and I think this is the perfect time. This floating candle/floral arrangement can be done in a pool, fountain, or on a smaller scale in a large clear vessel.

The Send-Off:
These adorable Vellum Confetti Floral Cut-Outs from Martha Stewart Weddings are so
fun and easy to do! Purchase the vellum baggies are your local craft store, like Michaels, as well as sheets of vellum in coordinating colors. Use floral punch outs to create the shapes you like and package them. You can always add a stamp or sticker to the bags for an added touch.

The Registry: So this has nothing to do with the actual wedding day but I saw it and I had
to add it because it's so adorable!!


Chic Maps by Nikki!

So for those of you who don't know what 'Chic Maps by Nikki' actually is, here's your chance!!


I have always loved weddings and the joy they bring to the couple and those around them, which is why I became a Wedding & Event Coordinator. I especially love planning weddings that really encompass the couple’s favorite things so that when guests arrive at the wedding they say ‘WOW! This is totally them!’ So why not start earlier than your BIG day and give your family and friends an idea of what you have in store for them? And it is for that reason that I began creating Chic Maps by Nikki!
These maps can be used as a creative addition to your wedding invitations, Out-of-Town guest gift bags, Bridesmaid’s Itineraries or even as a unique ‘Save the Date’ magnet, postcard, etc…And if you’re not getting married they are a creative idea for Reunions, Birthday Parties, Baby/Bridal Showers, etc…and can be done wherever your special event is being held, in the U.S. or abroad!While some of these maps show local attractions, landmarks and airports you can add all sorts of things. Show your guests where you and your fianc├ęs favorite restaurant is, a local day spa, rehearsal dinner location, hotel room blocks or even where he popped the question! Once we’ve worked through all of the locations you’d like to add we can add directions and/or itineraries and decide how you’d like them printed. You can have them done in any size and on any color paper, which can be matched to anything you may have already chosen: dresses, invitations, cake, etc… you can even have them printed on watercolor paper and I can add hand-painted details to each of your maps for that truly personalized touch.
For more information you can reach me at or directly on my cell phone at 321.297.3866.


Drop Veils...ahhhhhh

When it's time for me to marry the man of my dreams (he knows who he is :)
I absolutely will be wearing one of these beauties! This style of veil is labeled the 'drop veil.' It has the look of a floating veil that is thinner than most. For those of you thinking, 'well when he lifts my veil it will fall off!!' Don't fret they are attached to the top of your head via a u-shaped bobby pin but that can be your little secret, shhh...I love them because they aren't so overwhelmingly thick as some veils can be.
I love the tradition of wearing a veil but I'd also like my groom to be able to see me,
is that too much to ask?!
They come in a all lengths so if you are still dreaming of a cathedral length veil you can have it!
I found this site that has some great priced veils, Occansey Designs. Hint for brides on a budget, or just in general: don't feel like you have to purchase your veil from your bridal salon, YES I know you tried it on with your dress and it looked great but the prices can sometimes be a little outrageous so just use it as a chance to find the style you like and find them online!!!


Sunny Billy Buttons & Chalkboards Are Only The Beginning!

The WeddingBee PRO Blog has hit it out of the park again!
They just posted this amazing Aaron Shintaku Wedding it is so creative
and full of color and love!
You all know I love escort cards and these are no different! I love
when couple's give their guests something they'll actually use,
like a delicious drink!
Riding a horse in your wedding gown? Gutsy and SO worth it! I love that
they braided the horses hair
They used these small chalkboard signs all over their reception, it's such a cute rustic touch.
Hint for getting this look on a budget: Find some cute frames at the dollar store, IKEA, Ross, etc... spray all of the frames the same (even if they are all different types it will give it that vintage look) then use the front of the back board of the frame, the portion that has the stand, and paint it with chalkboard paint. Find a friend with nice handwriting and you're set!
This bridal party look is TO DIE FOR!!!!! Sometimes when you give
your girls free reign of dresses in one particular color they don't
always perfectly match, but these girls did a fabulous job!
This hue of yellow is perfect for a spring or summer wedding, way to be bold!
This cake is simple and beautiful, I love the uneven heights of the tiers, and the birds...lovely!The groom's boutoinnere is a perfect match to the billy buttons on the I thought I was over the whole fruit filled vase trend
but these are so sweet and sunny I can't help but smile :)