Drop Veils...ahhhhhh

When it's time for me to marry the man of my dreams (he knows who he is :)
I absolutely will be wearing one of these beauties! This style of veil is labeled the 'drop veil.' It has the look of a floating veil that is thinner than most. For those of you thinking, 'well when he lifts my veil it will fall off!!' Don't fret they are attached to the top of your head via a u-shaped bobby pin but that can be your little secret, shhh...I love them because they aren't so overwhelmingly thick as some veils can be.
I love the tradition of wearing a veil but I'd also like my groom to be able to see me,
is that too much to ask?!
They come in a all lengths so if you are still dreaming of a cathedral length veil you can have it!
I found this site that has some great priced veils, Occansey Designs. Hint for brides on a budget, or just in general: don't feel like you have to purchase your veil from your bridal salon, YES I know you tried it on with your dress and it looked great but the prices can sometimes be a little outrageous so just use it as a chance to find the style you like and find them online!!!

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