Melissa Sweet is Oh So Sweet...

I found this dress in the Martha Stewart Weddings magazine I bought today, guilty pleasure I know!! As soon as I saw it I realized I was in love and wanted to share it...This beautiful dress is part of Melissa Sweet's Reverie Collection and is aptly named: Santorini


Who doesn't love balloons?

The perfect new accessory for your engagement session...balloons! I had my friend and her fiance bring them with when I took their engagement photos a few weekends ago, and then I see this amazing shoot by LunaPhoto!



The The View From My Shoes posted her "confessions" today, which got me thinking it may be fun to post my own confessions. As she said, we're not talking dirty secrets, just silly and/or embarrasing confessions...
so, I was inspired to do the same:

- The first concert I ever attended was Hanson in middle school. I still love them and I'm proud of it!

- I hate styrofoam! The sound of it makes the hair on my arms stand on end and even the thought of hearing the sound makes me cringe. It's so bad that people purposely give me gifts that are encased in it, UGH!

- My dad called me Tricky Nikki in passing one day when I was about 12. I was hoping no one heard, but of course my brother did, and now I'm almost 24 and he still has me saved in his phone as 'Tricky Nikki.' I don't think I'll ever live that one down.

- Felicity, has and while always be, one of my absolute favorite Tv Shows. My So Called Life was another great one too :)

- I love singing in the shower. The acoustics make ANYONE sound better, now I get why artists record in a booth!

- I am the ultimate bargain shopper. Only about 10% of the things I buy I pay full price for, this includes groceries!

- In school middle school through college, I never ONCE did any of the required book reading. I wrote an entire research paper on a book I never read, and I got the highest grade in the class. Oops...

- As much as I love weddings, and the idea of getting married to the man of my dreams, I'm more excited about being pregnant and having his child.

- And with that said...I cannot wait to marry my soul mate


I just became a member of BridalTweet!
Check out
my page and visit all of the other wedding vendors and ideas they have to offer!

BridalTweet launched only two weeks ago and it is the NEW wedding community and directory for Brides, Wedding Vendors, and Wedding Enthusiasts. BridalTweet is for people who love to talk and talk...and talk about weddings. Wedding Vendors that join BridalTweet will appear in the local wedding directory, which lists vendors from around the world and includes wedding planners, photographers, caterers, ceremony items, fashion experts, favors, florists, officiants, stationery, venues, and much more! Brides can easily search the Local Wedding Vendors and receive advice on how to plan a wedding from our BridalTweet community of wedding experts!


Photo Inspiration

I had to share this amazing photo I found. The setting is to die for and it truly is worth 1,000 words...

Photo by: Paul Johnson


Vintage Luggage: Before & After

You never know what you're going to get when you find something on Craigslist but when I went to pick them up I was amazed at how great the condition of the inside's were! The that's another story!
But after some bleach soft scrub gel, a tooth brush and an hour of my time it cleaned up great!
She had the set of three pieces: a large suitcase with the original Samsonite hangers (!!!), a medium suitcase and this train case and I got the whole bunch for $25!!!!!!!!!!!! Just a traincase, like this one, go for $50+ on ebay! I love finding a good deal :)
I found this amazing wrapping paper at World Market for $4/per roll, and used modge podge hi-gloss glue to essentially decopage the case.
Wouldn't this be a great thing to carry out of your wedding reception once you've changed into your 'honeymoon' attire?!


My Dream Wedding Inspiration Board

I have been saving pictures I love over the years and here are some of my absolute favorites!


Sarah & Jason's Engagement Shoot- by ME!

My childhood friend Sarah just got engaged to the love of her life Jason and I offered to take some photos for her Save the Dates! I'd love your feedback on the photos, I am definitely not a photographer but I felt pretty good about the way they turned out.

As you may be able to tell we are going for a photo-booth look with the signs that say 'Save The Date!'
I took over 600 photos in only 3 hours, so I will post more in the next few weeks!


Great Wedding Addition!

Here is a sampling of some of my recent work!
They are great for weddings, reunions, bachelorette weekends, etc... Tell your guests where to be and when, while giving them a great overview of all of your favorite things to do in a city they aren't familiar with!

This special order was done for a local bride who had a lot of out-of-town guests, so she made these the highlight of her gift bags!
They were laminated (for durability during her wedding WEEK!) and the edges were cut with designs for that added special touch!

Contact me to make or inquire about a special order!


Tallahassee Wedding Photos - Paul Johnson

I have to share this amazing wedding highlight reel from one of my all time favorites Paul Johnson Photography. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did!

I have to share this amazing wedding highlight reel from one of my all time favorites Paul Johnson Photography. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did!

Engagements Photos + Great Ideas & Little Time = Fabulous Guest Book!

Do you love your engagement photos? Afraid no one will ever get to see them? Turn them into a guest book for the wedding!
On you can download their software and design a one-of-a-kind photo book. There are tons of layouts, sizes and options to customize the book to your specifications.
Photos by: Tying the Knot's blog
Leave it out for your guests to look through (& sign!) during the cocktail hour and reception, and once your day is over it makes a fabulous coffee table book! And who doesn't love a great coffee table book, especially one that is so beautiful?
Photo from: 07.25.09 WED's blog


My Favorite Flowers

Midnight Tulips :
They come in white and have this adorable almost frayed edge.
Photo by: The Knot
They come in a wide variety of colors: pinks, purples, blues, but the white with black centers are breath-taking!
Photo by: Paul Johnson Photography - see whole wedding blog, it was beautiful!
Mainly in pinks and whites, these flowers are just stunning. They are so soft and surprisingly large! While they are more expensive you can make up for the
cost because you wont need as many to fill your hands as you walk down the aisle.
Photo by: The Knot
These flowers are a lot like peonies just a packed a little tighter and they come in almost every shade of the rainbow!
Button Mums:
in this fabulous shade of green! Ahhhh.....Monkey Tail:
The branch of a tree, or literally the 'flower' that looks just like a curled up monkey's tail! Not to mention the
craspedia in this arrangement is fabulous!! Succulents:
My grandma used to call these 'chicken and hens' because they reproduced so quickly, but they are actually different varieties of succulents. They are mainly green but can sometimes come in purples.
Here is a combination of both monkey tail and succulents. Both unexpected, but gorgeous touches to your bouquet or centerpieces.