My Lucky Finds!!

I just so happened to be driving through Orlando today and saw a small Thrift Store that caught my eye. Normally I wouldn't stop on a whim but I felt I must, and I'm so glad I did!! I found these amazing antique earrings for...wait for it...$6!!! I cannot wait to have a reason to wear them.
I also found this item, which is part of a pair of clip-on earrings, which I would NEVER wear, but on it's own I'm thinking could make for a fabulous broach! I'm thinking I'm going to paint the 'gold' on one of them silver so I have a 'gold' and 'silver' one add a little glue and a pin and I'm set, oh and did I mention the set was only $2!

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  1. Hey, just found your blog through your Myspace. I am so jealous..I was considering wedding planning before I had the boys. I planned mine and it was TONS of fun! I'm a planning!