My Favorite Flowers

Midnight Tulips :
They come in white and have this adorable almost frayed edge.
Photo by: The Knot
They come in a wide variety of colors: pinks, purples, blues, but the white with black centers are breath-taking!
Photo by: Paul Johnson Photography - see whole wedding blog, it was beautiful!
Mainly in pinks and whites, these flowers are just stunning. They are so soft and surprisingly large! While they are more expensive you can make up for the
cost because you wont need as many to fill your hands as you walk down the aisle.
Photo by: The Knot
These flowers are a lot like peonies just a packed a little tighter and they come in almost every shade of the rainbow!
Button Mums:
in this fabulous shade of green! Ahhhh.....Monkey Tail:
The branch of a tree, or literally the 'flower' that looks just like a curled up monkey's tail! Not to mention the
craspedia in this arrangement is fabulous!! Succulents:
My grandma used to call these 'chicken and hens' because they reproduced so quickly, but they are actually different varieties of succulents. They are mainly green but can sometimes come in purples.
Here is a combination of both monkey tail and succulents. Both unexpected, but gorgeous touches to your bouquet or centerpieces.

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