Publique Living

Looking for a whimsical touch to add on your BIG day? I have found the perfect thing for you!
PubliQue Living has a wide variety of products,
my favorites: pop-up placemats & votive cuffs. Enjoy!
Already married? Well they have products for the next step in your life: A BABY! This pop-up mat would also work as an escort card for a house warming party, you could put the guests name right on the mailbox.Who said that you are required to use round clear glass votive holders at your wedding?
NO ONE! Why not continue your theme onto your table tops? These votive surrounds come in different styles and colors and when lit give off a beautiful glow.

Tip: Think out of the 'clear glass votive!'



I'm officially hooked on etsy shopping! These ring bearer pillow alternatives from Love Grows by Giving are just fabulous!They come with your choice of ribbon color to coordinate with your color scheme.
Make sure you trust your ring bearer enough not to drop this precious keepsake, especially since you can hang it on your wall or use it a a jewelry bowl to be a reminder of your love and commitment.


Great Etsy Shop Find

I found Belle Nouvelle Design's Etsy Shop while I was in search of someone who had ribbon headbands that could rival those of Maria Elena's couture creations, but at a fraction of her $700+ prices, and I found Belle Nouvelle!This stunning Swarovski crystal and rhinestone encrusted headband is truly one of a kind all of the links are all individually, *painstakingly* placed on a creamy, soft ribbon to make up this beautifully crafted piece. If you are a bride who wants a tiara look without the "princessy" feel, this headband is just right for you. Can also be used as a jeweled sash or belt for your dress! How does this stack up against the $700+ Maria Elena creations? It's only $239.50! This Sasha Style hair pin is a great whimsical accessory for your 'I do's'
Feathers are all the rage in this Celeste Hair Comb!
This beautiful Bridal Sash from Belle Nouvelle Designs will add the perfect touch to a simple gown. Dupioni silk, vintage netting, point d'esprit lace, and silk flower make up the beautiful blooms. Each one is accented with vintage crystal centers, subtle coque feathers, and vintage velvet millinery leaves. I have seen this type of item in some local designer gown shops and they retail for over $200, this eye-catching design is only $89.50! The designer doesn't stop there, she can create a custom piece just for you!


Budget-Friendly Gowns

Getting Married? On a budget?
No need to splurge to walk down the aisle in a beautiful gown!
A great place to find the perfect, for you and your wallet, dress is at

Here are a few that I particularly liked!

Calvin Klein Mesh Stretch is a mere $178, most bridesmaids dresses are more than that!
This shape is great for any size bride, it is free flowing which will mask anything you don't want to show. And with the criss cross top, it provides a lot of coverage while being beautiful at the same time!
This beautiful JS Boutique Beaded CrissCross Matte Jersey is only $180! Not only is it beautiful and has really glamorous details, it is made of matte jersey. Comfort & Beauty!This Adrianna Papell gown is only $238! I know someone that wore this dress and it is absolutely stunning in person! It is especially great for an outdoor wedding because the beading is so heavy it keeps the dress from blowing away. If you love this but would rather your bridesmaids wear it, it comes in blue and red!

This Allen Schwartz Strapless Gown looks more like a couture design! But it doesn't have the hand-made designer price, it's only $438!
Not only do they carry wedding gowns, they have bridesmaids and mother's dresses!


50 FREE Fonts!

50 FREE Beautiful Fonts!
Photo by: Gartner Studios
Gartner Studios, the designers behind the BRIDES line of wedding invites and accessories, has a great collection of 50 free wedding-invite-appropriate fonts available for download on their site. Click here to download.

I found this link on The Budget Savvy Bride's Weblog,
I thought it sounded too good to be true but I downloaded them and they are great!


DIY Flower Ring

I just had to share this photo that I had saved in my 'Wed Style File,' which is my dream wedding idea folder :) I'm a woman & wedding coordinator, so this file shouldn't be too much of a surprise. I though these would make really personal (& cost effective!) bridesmaids and/or flower girls gifts. I thought this was such a cute idea and is an easy DIY project!
You will need:
small silk flowers
1/8"-1/3" ribbon
hot glue gun
- To find the flowers, visit your local craft store (don't forget to take your coupons!), and if you are really cutting costs a lot of Dollar Stores carry silk flowers!
-Pluck the flowers you want to use from the stems they came on. You will want to trim the back to make it flat so it will sit closely to your finger.
-Use the ribbon to loosely measure your finger and cut the ribbon, slightly longer.
-On one end of the ribbon hot glue the flower to the ribbon.
-If you have the exact ring size then you can hot glue the loop together, but if you are making them for your bridesmaids or flower girls you can always make them adjustable by substituting the hot glue closure for a small piece of velcro!


My Island Wedding

My Island Wedding's Blog
Kelley has a great online wedding planning website. They also specialize in accessories & invitations. Check them out!


The Best Wedding Accessory...A Car!

Two of my favorite things in life are weddings and vintage cars, so I thought...why not put those things together!
Photo by: Studio 512
The majority of your wedding venues will not come equipped with an antique car on location, so you have two options for getting these amazing shots: throw tradition out the window and see each other before the 'I do's' - OR - have a post-wedding day photo shoot.
Photo by: Paul Johnson Photography
More and more these days tradition is being thrown by the way-side. Which is great for getting more time to take those all so important wedding day photos.
Photo by: Laura Negri
It may sound strange to take wedding photos on a day other than your wedding day, but guess what? No one will know but you, your husband and your photographer!
So many times, at the end of the reception, brides will say 'I don't feel like we took nearly enough photos of just us!' The truth is, you're actual day is so full of emotions, events, etc...that you never really get the time to get all those spectacular photos in.
Photos by: Jasmine Star
Then you say, well the day after my wedding I won't have my hair and makeup done! The trick is, hair spray, sleep lightly, hairspray, and pay your makeup artist an extra $40 to come and do your makeup! Throw on your dress and GO! This is especially great for those brides who booked a photographer that include an engagement session, that you never used! Cha-Ching!
Align CenterPhoto by: Infinity Studios
The other option is to see your groom before you become his wife. Although, it is said to be bad luck, I think getting as many great photo ops is even luckier!
Photo by: Chenin Boutwell
If you choose this path make sure you plan this in advance, if your getting married in a church they will mostly have a smaller chapel you could use, so as to not let any of your guests see you. Not saying 'I do' in a church? Find a cute garden within walking distance, the middle of a crowded street, etc...if you like it that's all that matters.
Photo by: Jasmine Star
If you're not exactly sure where to choose, or how to make it worth your while, talk to your photographer! They know the area and may have some great suggestions. Also, they can make sure they are strategically located to get the look on your groom's face when he see's how beautiful you are.
Photo by: Chenin Boutwell
Do what works for you because those are the moments you'll remember most!

New Chic Maps by Nikki Ad Banner!

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Check out the Chic Maps by Nikki Myspace Page!
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A Girl's OTHER Best Friend- The Dress!

While I am not engaged (yet!) I cannot help but spend too much of my extra times gazing at fabulous designer wedding dresses. Unfortunately, I am too aware that most of the couture styles I've found are way out of my budget, but I have been able to find the styles that catch my eye and then find a wallet-friendly designer with similar styles! Hooray for saving money and still looking fabulous!

Before my 'search' started I would have never pegged myself as a ruffly type of woman, but more often than not I'm drawn to ruffles and lace, LOVE!
This dress from Allure Couture, style #C120, I found on The Knot, who has a fabulous dress search program. I'm not 100% in love with the top of this dress, but the bottom is to die for!
Here is another fabulous ruffled style that I'm loving! I really like this particular gown; because it is more of an A-line and not a ball gown, the ruffles are not nearly as overwhelming. This is another dress I found via The Knot, by Demetrios Sposabella Collection #4258
This one has a more subtle ruffled feel, while alternation tulle and lace for a elegant and vintage feel. Found on the fabulous Jennifer Skog Photography blog
Although I love ruffles, I have to be honest and say that my first love is anything and everything, head-to-toe, vintage& antique L-A-C-E! I really look for those special details that give a gown that WOW! This Allure Couture gown has an amazing neckline that is flattering on all shapes, and the scalloped edge can be a great alternative to wearing jewelry, it speaks for itself!I can honestly say that if I had this brides body this dress would be a must have! It has a wonderful v-neck with the lace trim on the bodice that creates such a beautiful edge on her tan skin. I found this dress on the fabulous Paul Johnson Photography blog. I also really love the champage/gold satin accents that I've seen on dresses lately. It is really great for brides who want a white dress, but still want that classical/vintage feel.

Instead of my usual head to toe lace obsession, this Alencon lace accent with the silk satin combination is eye catching. The chapel train of this Lazaro gown is especially beautiful, it is appropriate for a catholic wedding or an outdoor soiree. And you know I love the floral hair accessory!
Straying from all of the previous in-your-face bridal gowns, this Douglas Hannant dress has a more subtle and delicate feel. Personally, I would be more than happy to wear this beauty for my entire wedding, especially since I dream of a outdoor woodsy soiree. But for those brides who dream of the bold bridal gown for your ceremony you could make this your second dress; for your reception or later for your honeymoon send-off, which is a great old tradition that is resurfacing again! Hooray!
So, I have saved my favorite for last. It is so out-of-the-box that I'm completely smitten! This dress is not for the faint of heart, but if you're the kind of bride that dares to be different, then this Les Habitude dress is for you! All of their gowns are hand embroidered with details like vintage pearls, bugle beads and hand-made lace.

And because I love it I'm posting the best of their bridal session


Who Say's You Have to Use Real Flowers?

Real flowers are beautiful, you cannot deny that, but for those brides on a budget they aren't always an option. So instead of the immediate jump to silk flowers, think out side the box! These gorgeous Felt Flower Ring Bearer Pillows can be found on the Design Sponge blog and orders can be placed via

Not only do I love these because they are vintage and fabulous, but more than that, they won't die! Real flowers are to die for (literally& figuratively), but in a few days all the time and money that was spent will end up in the garbage can and you will only be left with photos...HOW SAD?!?!
So why not have something that you can save and reuse? How about using one of these great pillows...umm...on your couch! I know you're thinking, pillow on a couch, who woulda thunk it? They can also be disassembled so that you can add a flower to your hair when your out on the town, or add one to your favorite purse or to an outfit as a broach. Talk about a conversation piece!While I realize this is a mid-production shot, I couldn't help but think 'how cute would these be as the groom & groomsmen's boutoinnere's?" I'll tell you...REAL CUTE!

You Can Find Inspiration Anywhere!

I am a big believer in finding inspiration where it happens to find you. Whether it be the architecture of a building, the colors in a garden, or for this bride: your notebook! Meagan told me she wanted a monogram to tie all of the details of her wedding together so I started work on some monogram samples, after about an hour I get a frantic call from her that says 'Oh My Gosh!! I found the perfect thing for my monogram!' In my mind I'm thinking (& hoping) that it is a pre-made monogram that I can just plug in the initials...NO! She was sitting in class and she looked down and realized the symbol on her notebook was perfect!
While I'm waiting for a scan of this fabulous folder to be sent over she says 'I love it but I want my initials in the middle so if you can just split it that would be great!' And while it sounds easy to just 'split it,' it's a little tedious but totally worth the effort. My mom was having surgery so I decided the 4 hours in the waiting room would be the perfect time to focus on this project, and I came up with this!!!
As you can see, I had to do some adjusting. A lot of zooming in and touching up, erasing sections, etc... to make room for the couples monogram, but the couple was really pleased. Once that was done we implemented the monogram onto their Save The Date Postcards, which I also designed, and onto some custom printed napkins for the bar.
The piece de resistance? The cake!!! The couple opted for a bold pattern of black and white floral, to play off of her love for damask, and the perfect touch: the monogram!
This great photo was taken by a local favorite of mine: Karla Fountain
Tip: Don't be afraid to take an idea and run with it, proudly!