The Best Wedding Accessory...A Car!

Two of my favorite things in life are weddings and vintage cars, so I thought...why not put those things together!
Photo by: Studio 512
The majority of your wedding venues will not come equipped with an antique car on location, so you have two options for getting these amazing shots: throw tradition out the window and see each other before the 'I do's' - OR - have a post-wedding day photo shoot.
Photo by: Paul Johnson Photography
More and more these days tradition is being thrown by the way-side. Which is great for getting more time to take those all so important wedding day photos.
Photo by: Laura Negri
It may sound strange to take wedding photos on a day other than your wedding day, but guess what? No one will know but you, your husband and your photographer!
So many times, at the end of the reception, brides will say 'I don't feel like we took nearly enough photos of just us!' The truth is, you're actual day is so full of emotions, events, etc...that you never really get the time to get all those spectacular photos in.
Photos by: Jasmine Star
Then you say, well the day after my wedding I won't have my hair and makeup done! The trick is, hair spray, sleep lightly, hairspray, and pay your makeup artist an extra $40 to come and do your makeup! Throw on your dress and GO! This is especially great for those brides who booked a photographer that include an engagement session, that you never used! Cha-Ching!
Align CenterPhoto by: Infinity Studios
The other option is to see your groom before you become his wife. Although, it is said to be bad luck, I think getting as many great photo ops is even luckier!
Photo by: Chenin Boutwell
If you choose this path make sure you plan this in advance, if your getting married in a church they will mostly have a smaller chapel you could use, so as to not let any of your guests see you. Not saying 'I do' in a church? Find a cute garden within walking distance, the middle of a crowded street, etc...if you like it that's all that matters.
Photo by: Jasmine Star
If you're not exactly sure where to choose, or how to make it worth your while, talk to your photographer! They know the area and may have some great suggestions. Also, they can make sure they are strategically located to get the look on your groom's face when he see's how beautiful you are.
Photo by: Chenin Boutwell
Do what works for you because those are the moments you'll remember most!

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