Who Say's You Have to Use Real Flowers?

Real flowers are beautiful, you cannot deny that, but for those brides on a budget they aren't always an option. So instead of the immediate jump to silk flowers, think out side the box! These gorgeous Felt Flower Ring Bearer Pillows can be found on the Design Sponge blog and orders can be placed via

Not only do I love these because they are vintage and fabulous, but more than that, they won't die! Real flowers are to die for (literally& figuratively), but in a few days all the time and money that was spent will end up in the garbage can and you will only be left with photos...HOW SAD?!?!
So why not have something that you can save and reuse? How about using one of these great pillows...umm...on your couch! I know you're thinking, pillow on a couch, who woulda thunk it? They can also be disassembled so that you can add a flower to your hair when your out on the town, or add one to your favorite purse or to an outfit as a broach. Talk about a conversation piece!While I realize this is a mid-production shot, I couldn't help but think 'how cute would these be as the groom & groomsmen's boutoinnere's?" I'll tell you...REAL CUTE!

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