You Can Find Inspiration Anywhere!

I am a big believer in finding inspiration where it happens to find you. Whether it be the architecture of a building, the colors in a garden, or for this bride: your notebook! Meagan told me she wanted a monogram to tie all of the details of her wedding together so I started work on some monogram samples, after about an hour I get a frantic call from her that says 'Oh My Gosh!! I found the perfect thing for my monogram!' In my mind I'm thinking (& hoping) that it is a pre-made monogram that I can just plug in the initials...NO! She was sitting in class and she looked down and realized the symbol on her notebook was perfect!
While I'm waiting for a scan of this fabulous folder to be sent over she says 'I love it but I want my initials in the middle so if you can just split it that would be great!' And while it sounds easy to just 'split it,' it's a little tedious but totally worth the effort. My mom was having surgery so I decided the 4 hours in the waiting room would be the perfect time to focus on this project, and I came up with this!!!
As you can see, I had to do some adjusting. A lot of zooming in and touching up, erasing sections, etc... to make room for the couples monogram, but the couple was really pleased. Once that was done we implemented the monogram onto their Save The Date Postcards, which I also designed, and onto some custom printed napkins for the bar.
The piece de resistance? The cake!!! The couple opted for a bold pattern of black and white floral, to play off of her love for damask, and the perfect touch: the monogram!
This great photo was taken by a local favorite of mine: Karla Fountain
Tip: Don't be afraid to take an idea and run with it, proudly!


  1. This is really cool! Do you have a stationery business?

  2. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY for this blog of yours!! I just smiled so big when I read this story =] It took me back lol! You are beyond talented & so creative girl! You made my day so extra special... don't ever stop doing what you do!


  3. I don't have a business but I have though about it...a million times! Normally I just do them for brides who want something custom but I really should expand! So let's start here :) Let your friends know!!

  4. Meagan!!! I'm so glad you found my blog and had good memories, I looked at pictures of your day and it was drop dead gorgeous. Next time you come into Orlando we MUST get together! xoxo