Kids 'Do' the Darndest Things

I am a huge fan of kids in general, especially when they are not my own! That isn't to say that I don't want any of my own one day, but for now I'm just fine. But I will absolutely have them in my wedding!
I must admit that when my bride's mention they are having a flower girl and ring bearer I cringe a little, especially when they put a disclaimer on the children. Like 'they are really cute kids, but they may not be too happy about walking in a straight line.'

And then I realize...some of my favorite pictures are of the kids just being themselves! Although, at the time them being 'themselves' is loud, unruly and down-right annoying at times but it always makes for some great photos!
Align CenterPhoto by Mark Adams Photography
All in all, don't be afraid to have children in your wedding! OK...well be a little afraid, but as long as you keep it under 3-4 kids you'll be alright. And you will have some great photos to look back on and you will forget all about them throwing that tantrum on your wedding day.


Blowing in the Wind...

While some brides have strayed from the more traditional veil styles, some are foregoing them all together! Which is alright for some bride's but I say it's a shame! Not only do they provide a beautiful frame for a bride during her 'I do's,' they are a great photo prop!

Photo by Paul Johnson - one of my absolute favorite's!!!
I would have to say some of the most breath-taking photos I've seen are the ones that capture the veil in that perfect breath of wind.

Photo by Ed Pingolo through Trash the Dress!
These shots are not always easy to get in the time allowed before your ceremony or in your cocktail hour, when most couples take their formal photos. So why not have a 'Day After' or a 'Trash the Dress' session with your photographer? It allows you the option, if you are open to it, to be in places and poses that may ruin your dress, but will give you that perfect shot! Not to mention you will be on your own schedule and won't be rushed to fix your makeup and rejoin your guests.

Photo by Denise Neufeld
Simplicity is best. Here's the best motto for getting these beautiful shots: Think the more natural and organic the better. You cannot setup these types of shots, they just happen; and the best photographers know how to capture these special moments.
Photo by Paul Johnson

In conclusion...pick your photographer wisely and wear a veil!


Lovely Hair Extras

It may be because of my love for all things a little asymmetrical and vintage that I love these hair accessories, but I do love them! A simple lapel broach can double as a hair pin, and every time you wear it with your favorite suit after that you can remember your special day.
Photo by InStyle WeddingsPhoto by Jasmine Star Photography
Some brides wouldn't dream of wearing a large feathered hair piece, so why not wear something you might wear with your favorite sundress? A headband! While a typical headband is cute, this bow and jewel adorned band is chic enough to wear on your wedding day but may go great for a holiday party!
Photo by InStyle Weddings
Do you love the vintage inspired designs? If you answered 'yes,' this double head piece is ideal. While white and traditional it boasts a feathered flower with a heavy netted 'blusher' to give it a more vintage feel.
Photo by Kelli Cohee
Can I wear a flower in my hair and still wear a traditional veil? Of Course! They go especially well with more simple veils so that they don't get lost among the lace, beading and tulle. This particular bride chose a round veil that has a comb right in the middle so that there isn't any bunching to take away from your beautiful accessory. If you like the clean lines of a veil on it's own while you say your vows, add in your accessory for the reception!

Photo by Once Wed
Wanna be a little BOLD? Try color! So many brides think that because you're wearing a white dress your required to wear and carry white flowers. While white is beautiful they can sometimes disappear into your dress. So if you're a bride who likes to stand out try some color! If you still want to be wed in the traditional color scheme you can always change from your white flower to a color for your reception!


New Color Theme Obsession:

Red & Aqua
On paper red and aqua doesn't sound like much but in's AMAZING! From the invites to the cake, linens, favors,etc...the two can be implemented to give your big day a custom look and feel.

Would you consider yourself to be bold and daring? If you answered 'yes' you should consider using red and aqua as your wedding day color scheme. While it is a little out there, it is still really classy and elegant.

With this particular color scheme, I say More is More! If you are willing to go with it, then you should really do it right! Here are some great collages that incorporate the colors into all aspects of the wedding.
I hope your as inspired as I was!

Add that extra something your BIG day

Here is my favorite way to WOW your guests, with only a little dough and some creativity! Most couples think that making a seating chart is so daunting that they opt for open seating. Well let me give you a little will cost you MORE if you DON'T tell your guests where to sit!

More often than not parties of guests will find tables and they wont sit right next to the party already seated. Which means you will end up with random single seats among your tables. So a couple tries to find a pair of seats and they are out of luck! Which means you will have to add at least one extra table for overflow, which means paying for one more table, one more linen, 8-10 extra chairs + chair covers, and the most pricey more centerpiece! So take my word for it, make a seating chart!

For those brides, who have a groom that doesn't really know how to help you plan the wedding, have him help you with the seating chart. Not only will it cut down the time you have to spend on it, but his insight into his guests will help you seat all of the guests at the right tables.
Here's another tip, you don't have to make a giant seating poster! Not only are they kind of 'last year' they really are not very attractive. There are so many great ways to incorporate your colors, theme, patterns, etc... into your escort cards. You can put them at each individual place setting, like the photo below. Or you can have a table devoted solely to your escort cards.Think out of the box! I love how these escort cards were hung along the walkway leading to the cocktail reception. They almost look like garlands of flowers! Another great purpose these escort cards serve: to give your guests something to do during cocktail hour, other than down drinks from your bar!
Don't be afraid to make it personal. The more custom touches you can add to your event the better. This was my favorite Martha Stewart Wedding, the bride did a 'green' wedding in a barn with red and ivory with wood accents. Another way to cut costs, make your escort card the favor! These yummy, and beautiful, apples were a huge hit!

Chic Maps by Nikki

I have always loved weddings and the joy they bring to the couple and those around them, which is why I became a Wedding & Event Coordinator. I especially love planning weddings that really encompass the couple’s favorite things so that when guests arrive at the wedding they say ‘WOW! This is totally them!’ So why not start earlier than your BIG day and give your family and friends an idea of what you have in store for them? And it is for that reason that I began creating Chic Maps by Nikki!
These maps can be used as a creative addition to your wedding invitations, Out-of-Town guest gift bags, Bridesmaid’s Itineraries or even as a unique ‘Save the Date’ magnet, postcard, etc…And if you’re not getting married they are a creative idea for Reunions, Birthday Parties, Baby/Bridal Showers, etc…and can be done wherever your special event is being held, in the U.S. or abroad!While some of these maps show local attractions, landmarks and airports you can add all sorts of things. Show your guests where you and your fianc├ęs favorite restaurant is, a local day spa, rehearsal dinner location, hotel room blocks or even where he popped the question! Once we’ve worked through all of the locations you’d like to add we can add directions and/or itineraries and decide how you’d like them printed. You can have them done in any size and on any color paper, which can be matched to anything you may have already chosen: dresses, invitations, cake, etc… you can even have them printed on watercolor paper and I can add hand-painted details to each of your maps for that truly personalized touch.
For more information you can reach me at or directly on my cell phone at 321.297.3866.


The First of Many...

So I thought my first official post should give you all a little insight to who I am and what I love.
Where to start...I am a 23 year old Orlando native, YES, I said native! I am probably one of the few of us 'Orlando-ins' that was actually born and raised here.

I am a HUGE TV biggest addiction: Reality Shows! Big Brother is my absolute favorite, but in a close 2nd, 3rd, etc... The Biggest Loser, Survivor and of course The Hills and The City!! In addition to reality shows, I love drama's (but what girl doesn't?!) Grey's Anatomy and One Tree Hill are at the top of that list.

This comes as a surprise to most people who don't know me all that well. Although I can be quite girly, I am probably more of a 'tomboy.' If I had to choose an idea simple day it would be spent out on a boat, fishing on the St. Johns River. Even more surprising, I am a hunter(ess?)! I have been hunting with my brother and father for years now and I truly love it. I think I love it more for the time I get to spend with my family, but it's so nice to get to be outside enoying nature and living for days without electricity and running water. Oh wait...those are the two things I'm not a fan of :)

I have always loved being creative and planning parties, so one day it dawned on a Wedding Coordinator! I have really loved getting to use my passion for design and DIY projects to really impact the happiest day in a couple's life.

I really hope that you enjoy my blog and can find inspiration for your special day or any day. Enjoy!


Welcome to my blog! I am so glad to have my own blog where I can show you all some of the great things I have run across in my time as a Wedding Coordinator as well as my entire life as a budget conscious, idea saving, uber-creative woman! I hope that you all enjoy my creative outlet as much as I am going to.