Blowing in the Wind...

While some brides have strayed from the more traditional veil styles, some are foregoing them all together! Which is alright for some bride's but I say it's a shame! Not only do they provide a beautiful frame for a bride during her 'I do's,' they are a great photo prop!

Photo by Paul Johnson - one of my absolute favorite's!!!
I would have to say some of the most breath-taking photos I've seen are the ones that capture the veil in that perfect breath of wind.

Photo by Ed Pingolo through Trash the Dress!
These shots are not always easy to get in the time allowed before your ceremony or in your cocktail hour, when most couples take their formal photos. So why not have a 'Day After' or a 'Trash the Dress' session with your photographer? It allows you the option, if you are open to it, to be in places and poses that may ruin your dress, but will give you that perfect shot! Not to mention you will be on your own schedule and won't be rushed to fix your makeup and rejoin your guests.

Photo by Denise Neufeld
Simplicity is best. Here's the best motto for getting these beautiful shots: Think the more natural and organic the better. You cannot setup these types of shots, they just happen; and the best photographers know how to capture these special moments.
Photo by Paul Johnson

In conclusion...pick your photographer wisely and wear a veil!

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