Lovely Hair Extras

It may be because of my love for all things a little asymmetrical and vintage that I love these hair accessories, but I do love them! A simple lapel broach can double as a hair pin, and every time you wear it with your favorite suit after that you can remember your special day.
Photo by InStyle WeddingsPhoto by Jasmine Star Photography
Some brides wouldn't dream of wearing a large feathered hair piece, so why not wear something you might wear with your favorite sundress? A headband! While a typical headband is cute, this bow and jewel adorned band is chic enough to wear on your wedding day but may go great for a holiday party!
Photo by InStyle Weddings
Do you love the vintage inspired designs? If you answered 'yes,' this double head piece is ideal. While white and traditional it boasts a feathered flower with a heavy netted 'blusher' to give it a more vintage feel.
Photo by Kelli Cohee
Can I wear a flower in my hair and still wear a traditional veil? Of Course! They go especially well with more simple veils so that they don't get lost among the lace, beading and tulle. This particular bride chose a round veil that has a comb right in the middle so that there isn't any bunching to take away from your beautiful accessory. If you like the clean lines of a veil on it's own while you say your vows, add in your accessory for the reception!

Photo by Once Wed
Wanna be a little BOLD? Try color! So many brides think that because you're wearing a white dress your required to wear and carry white flowers. While white is beautiful they can sometimes disappear into your dress. So if you're a bride who likes to stand out try some color! If you still want to be wed in the traditional color scheme you can always change from your white flower to a color for your reception!

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