Kids 'Do' the Darndest Things

I am a huge fan of kids in general, especially when they are not my own! That isn't to say that I don't want any of my own one day, but for now I'm just fine. But I will absolutely have them in my wedding!
I must admit that when my bride's mention they are having a flower girl and ring bearer I cringe a little, especially when they put a disclaimer on the children. Like 'they are really cute kids, but they may not be too happy about walking in a straight line.'

And then I realize...some of my favorite pictures are of the kids just being themselves! Although, at the time them being 'themselves' is loud, unruly and down-right annoying at times but it always makes for some great photos!
Align CenterPhoto by Mark Adams Photography
All in all, don't be afraid to have children in your wedding! OK...well be a little afraid, but as long as you keep it under 3-4 kids you'll be alright. And you will have some great photos to look back on and you will forget all about them throwing that tantrum on your wedding day.

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