The First of Many...

So I thought my first official post should give you all a little insight to who I am and what I love.
Where to start...I am a 23 year old Orlando native, YES, I said native! I am probably one of the few of us 'Orlando-ins' that was actually born and raised here.

I am a HUGE TV biggest addiction: Reality Shows! Big Brother is my absolute favorite, but in a close 2nd, 3rd, etc... The Biggest Loser, Survivor and of course The Hills and The City!! In addition to reality shows, I love drama's (but what girl doesn't?!) Grey's Anatomy and One Tree Hill are at the top of that list.

This comes as a surprise to most people who don't know me all that well. Although I can be quite girly, I am probably more of a 'tomboy.' If I had to choose an idea simple day it would be spent out on a boat, fishing on the St. Johns River. Even more surprising, I am a hunter(ess?)! I have been hunting with my brother and father for years now and I truly love it. I think I love it more for the time I get to spend with my family, but it's so nice to get to be outside enoying nature and living for days without electricity and running water. Oh wait...those are the two things I'm not a fan of :)

I have always loved being creative and planning parties, so one day it dawned on a Wedding Coordinator! I have really loved getting to use my passion for design and DIY projects to really impact the happiest day in a couple's life.

I really hope that you enjoy my blog and can find inspiration for your special day or any day. Enjoy!


  1. Welcome to the land of blogging! You're gonna love it :)

  2. Hey Nikki I am Kamia; an Orlando native and recently epiphanied event Coordinator. I like you have great talent and have recently have join the family of make people's special day memorable and eventful.

  3. Thanks you all, I'm really excited about it! Especially since I am learning a little HTML and got the background image I wanted :)