Trunk: Before & AFTER!!!!

The time is finally here to unveil the 'AFTER' on the Old Steamer Trunk I posted a few weeks back!

It had great bones but it needed a lot of TLC
Tomorrow I'll post some pictures that I took during the process of refinishing!

I can't wait til we move (countdown 4 weeks 4 days!!!) and I will actually have somewhere to put it and take some decent shots!
As you can probably tell I added some wooden curved legs, about 2" tall, just to get it up off of the floor and add a little extra detail. I lined the inside with a fabulous satin fabric, in shades of purples and navy. I really wanted it to be a POP of color when you opened it, and even though I put it there it's still a welcomed surprise every time I open it :)
Once we move and figure out a color scheme I'm going to add a colored cushion to turn it into an 'ottoman' that will house all of our board games!


Get Married Bridal Show at Bloomie's Orlando!

'A Flair for Affairs' was lucky enough to be invited to be a part of the Get Married Exclusive Bridal Show at Bloomingdale's Orlando!
Our Candy/Popcorn bar was a HUGE hit! We went (obviously lol) went with a fuschia and black and white damask look that stood out great in the store against all of Bloomie's amazing merchandise!
I found all of the jars at different stores, Ross, Wal-Mart, my personal collection (guilty as charged!!) and added two types of ribbon and Martha Stewarts stick on pearls! I made the labels using some old die-cut frames I had and my new favorite font: Albemarle Swash!
I also just made my business cards, which turned out so great for DIY!
The co-host of Get Married TV, DeAnna Pappas, was there to host the event. Some of you may recognize her as the runner-up on The Bachelor and the most recent Bachelorette, she's the one that initially turned down Jason Meznick, the single dad who then became the most recent Bachelor. All that said, she is absolutey stunning and sooo sweet!!!

Ok, so I really loved our table (!!!) Here is another shot that includes the sign we had printed

Jasmine Star Wedding Highlights

Can we just talk about how much I love Jasmine Star (among many other great photogs, of course!)?!?!
So sweet...Her dress is ... FABULOUS-NESS!!!
Anyone know who the designer is? I feel like I've seen it but just can't place it, HELP!


Vote for Me! Inspiration Board Contest Voting Begins TODAY!

So as most of you know I am a lover of inspiration boards, and it just so happened that My Island Wedding is hosting a contest for the best board.
I would love it if you could show your love for me by voting for one (or all!!!) of the three inspiration boards I entered:

'Candy Colored Vows'

Photo Credits: Bride & Groom w/ Pinwheel: Dana & Jeremy, Photo Booth, Mason Jar, Lollipops: Martha Stewart, Table Top: Paul Johnson Photography, Rings: Chenin Boutwell Photography, Dress: Douglas Hannant, Pink Heels: Jennifer Skog, BM heels: Jason Angelini
'Classically Natural'

Photo Credits: Rings: Chenin Boutwell, Cake: Martha Stewart Weddings, Boutonniere: Paul Johnson, Hair Pin: Belle Nouvelle Designs -etsy, Gown: Allure Couture, Bride & Groom Shoe Shot: Jason Angelini
'Vintage Candlelit Chic'

Photo Credits: Table Top: Bbj Linen, Jar Centerpiece: Paul Johnson Photography, BM dress: Nordstrom, Cake, Butterfly Escort Cards: The Knot, Gown: Monique Lhuillier (!!!!), Invitations: InkyLivie-etsy


Shots That Take My Breath Away...

There is just something about this photo that says more than a description ever could, Enjoy for yourself!
Photo by: Paul Johnson Photography


The Infamous 'Ring Shot' II

Trunk Update!!!
I am 99% done but I ran out of hot glue sticks so I should be done tomorrow :) I will post pictures IMMEDIATELY!

And as most of you know I love the 'ring shot!' I love the creativity that photographers use to get a new and improved shot of the wedding bands but more than that I just LOVE jewelry!! This heels and ring combination was shot by the amazing Jennifer Skog.
Organic and Beautiful, who could ask for anything more? This shot was taken by the fabulous Chenin Boutwell
Using your surroundings? YES! This creative shot was done by Joel Flory
So I'm completely obsessed with Paul Johnson's work and these 'ring shots' are no different!


Teaser: DIY Trunk BEFORE

As much as I love vintage things I don't necessarily love the tattered bug look. So I've spent the last few days refinishing this to it's former glory.
My uncle got me this 'fixer-upper' at a local auction for $2 last summer. Yes...I know I'm terrible, but I finally got the itch to work on it and now I wish I had done it sooner. After all is said and done I'm going to put some feet on it, line it with fabric and fill it with all of my board games and a cushion for the top and turn it into an ottoman :)

Jagger Photography- FREE Engagement Shoot!

I'm sure you all remember the gorgeous bride from the 'Vintage Inspired Vows' posting I made last week, well it turns out she is not only beautiful she is also an amazingly talented photographer, her company: Jagger Photography !
Some people get all the luck (hehe). She is offering a free engagement shoot for anyone who books through the end of June
It includes 1-2 hour shooting time and a private online gallery! And who doesn't love FREE?

Here are a few of my favorite shots from some of her latest engagement shoots, ENJOY! OR


Anthropologie Obsession #1 (of many!)

I have to admit that I really try not to spend money on thing's that aren't on sale, or at stores that have prices like Anthropologie, but I really really want these...These floral ceramic measuring cups are more like pieces of art than the typical cooking utensils, which makes baking cakes and brownies way more fun! Not to mention how cute they would be just stacked on your counter
So here's my thought for all of you...wouldn't it be nice to have an online wedding registry where you could include items from any store you want? How many people actually furnish their kitchens, bedrooms, etc...all from one store? Or they do the typical 'I registered at Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond.' I cannot imagine that I will find all the things I want from one or two stores, especially since Anthropologie, IKEA & World Market don't have registries. Soooo, my thought.... why not have a place online to upload images, links and prices that I can give my guests access to? I would bet that something like this already exists so if you do, let me know!!


The Perfect Birthday Gift: My Luggage Featured on Design Sponge!

I woke up this morning with an added spring to my step. Most people greet each new birthday with disdain but I am one of those people that loves her birthday! It's the one day all year I can add 'because it's my birthday' to anything and normally get it, for example: 'Can you pump my gas for me, it's my birthday???' and he did....SWEET SUCCESS! On top of that I checked my email and noticed an influx in the number of blog comments I was getting and soon realized my refinished vintage luggage was featured on Design Sponge!!

Thanks to all of you who commented on how much you enjoyed the pieces. I did get a few negative responses, which I was honestly surprised about. They were in reference to the fact that I re-did something that was already so beautiful, and to that I agree. BUT...the pieces I find at garage sales and thrift shops are never in great condition, for instance this particular piece was horribly torn up on the back, so for me the best way to still enjoy them is with a lot of TLC and a little touch of me.


Young or Old...Pearls Are Perfect!

I just saw this photo on Boutwell Studios Blog and I instantly 'AWWW'ed' out loud, so I felt I must share. Enjoy!


I love love...

Looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift that says exactly how you feel? Looking for a bridesmaids gift that will show great in photos? Wait for it...I found the perfect thing!!I ran across this cute handmade necklace on the Joie de Vie's Jewelry Etsy Shop, they have them in yellow and white gold and they are only $34!
Now I'm secretly hoping that someone that loves me will see this and get me one...cough cough my birthday's on Thursday (!!!) cough cough...


Vintage Inspired Vows

I must admit that this is one of the most beautiful weddings I've found in a while, I must not be the only one who thinks so because it's been featured all over: Green Wedding Shoes, Wedding Cabaret, their amazing photograher Dana & Jeremy and the bride herself (who is also a photographer), her blog: Jagger Photography . I just love how personal and creative it is. I always stress to couples that a wedding should be 'YOU' and not just what's hip and current, and this couple took that to the next level! These pinwheels are perfect, here is the Martha Stewart Tutorial for making your own!If you've ever read my blog you know I LOVE escort cards, and my motto is the more creative the better! This clothes hanging contraption is beautiful.


Custom Aisle Runners - Chic Unique Inc.

If you haven't already checked out BridalTweet you will have to venture over there. It is a great place to showcase your own work or find vendors for all of your wedding and event needs. Link

I found Chic Unique Inc. through BridalTweet and was immediately smitten with her hand-painted aisle runners.

Your aisle runner can be made as custom as you'd like. She will do any font, color combination and also has options for ribbon trim.

These runners will make a great addition to making your day as special as you deserve, and once you say your 'I do's' you can take the monogrammed section and stretch it onto a canvas and display it in your home as a reminder of your special day.