Get Married Bridal Show at Bloomie's Orlando!

'A Flair for Affairs' was lucky enough to be invited to be a part of the Get Married Exclusive Bridal Show at Bloomingdale's Orlando!
Our Candy/Popcorn bar was a HUGE hit! We went (obviously lol) went with a fuschia and black and white damask look that stood out great in the store against all of Bloomie's amazing merchandise!
I found all of the jars at different stores, Ross, Wal-Mart, my personal collection (guilty as charged!!) and added two types of ribbon and Martha Stewarts stick on pearls! I made the labels using some old die-cut frames I had and my new favorite font: Albemarle Swash!
I also just made my business cards, which turned out so great for DIY!
The co-host of Get Married TV, DeAnna Pappas, was there to host the event. Some of you may recognize her as the runner-up on The Bachelor and the most recent Bachelorette, she's the one that initially turned down Jason Meznick, the single dad who then became the most recent Bachelor. All that said, she is absolutey stunning and sooo sweet!!!

Ok, so I really loved our table (!!!) Here is another shot that includes the sign we had printed

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  1. Looks like a great event! Love your table- very eye- catching. Thanks for the link to see this. I am adding you to my daily reads and will follow you on Twitter.