Anthropologie Obsession #1 (of many!)

I have to admit that I really try not to spend money on thing's that aren't on sale, or at stores that have prices like Anthropologie, but I really really want these...These floral ceramic measuring cups are more like pieces of art than the typical cooking utensils, which makes baking cakes and brownies way more fun! Not to mention how cute they would be just stacked on your counter
So here's my thought for all of you...wouldn't it be nice to have an online wedding registry where you could include items from any store you want? How many people actually furnish their kitchens, bedrooms, etc...all from one store? Or they do the typical 'I registered at Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond.' I cannot imagine that I will find all the things I want from one or two stores, especially since Anthropologie, IKEA & World Market don't have registries. Soooo, my thought.... why not have a place online to upload images, links and prices that I can give my guests access to? I would bet that something like this already exists so if you do, let me know!!


  1. Sounds like a great idea. I bet something like it exists..., but if not, make your own???

    Hmmm, if anyone can figure it out, it's you!

  2. these are wonderful... i wonder if they're still in stock. hmmmm.

  3. I just bought a set for my best friend for Christmas at Anthropologie. I love them - probably going back for a set of my own... :-)