The Perfect Birthday Gift: My Luggage Featured on Design Sponge!

I woke up this morning with an added spring to my step. Most people greet each new birthday with disdain but I am one of those people that loves her birthday! It's the one day all year I can add 'because it's my birthday' to anything and normally get it, for example: 'Can you pump my gas for me, it's my birthday???' and he did....SWEET SUCCESS! On top of that I checked my email and noticed an influx in the number of blog comments I was getting and soon realized my refinished vintage luggage was featured on Design Sponge!!

Thanks to all of you who commented on how much you enjoyed the pieces. I did get a few negative responses, which I was honestly surprised about. They were in reference to the fact that I re-did something that was already so beautiful, and to that I agree. BUT...the pieces I find at garage sales and thrift shops are never in great condition, for instance this particular piece was horribly torn up on the back, so for me the best way to still enjoy them is with a lot of TLC and a little touch of me.


  1. WELL HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Negative comments stink. From what I see that you've created, these look great.

    Where do I buy mine???

  2. I loved it! Happy Birthday! Hope your day is swell!

  3. Thanks for the sweet words and birthday wishes! I bought a few too many pieces to keep for me so I'm working on them so if anyone is interested in buying one I will have a few up by the end of next week :)

  4. Happy, happy birthday! What a lovely birthday gift to be featured on Design Sponge! Congrats =)
    I love your project!