I love love...

Looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift that says exactly how you feel? Looking for a bridesmaids gift that will show great in photos? Wait for it...I found the perfect thing!!I ran across this cute handmade necklace on the Joie de Vie's Jewelry Etsy Shop, they have them in yellow and white gold and they are only $34!
Now I'm secretly hoping that someone that loves me will see this and get me one...cough cough my birthday's on Thursday (!!!) cough cough...


  1. How cute. Did you get my email last week?? Have a great day!

  2. i love your blog!!! and this necklace. want it

  3. Thanks! And 'MLG' I did get it and have had some personal stuff going on this weekend. I have appointments all day tomorrow but I will call you on Wednesday!

  4. hi there!

    thanks for the sweet words about my necklace - and thanks for referring people to my shop! you rock!

    Joie de Vie Jewelry & Accessories