Paper is not just for writing...

You may find yourself drawn to bright pops of color and patterns that may not match your wedding colors or themes BUT you would still love to use them somehow...well...use them at your bridal shower, or save them for your, or a friends, baby shower! This adorable place setting was pulled together by using a piece of 12" x 12" piece of scrapbook paper!

Can't find the confetti you want, or the right monograms for your decor? No problem! Above they used stars as a theme and used punch-outs as confetti, below, the event had a monogram theme and they printed and punched out monogram tags for the guests cups, they also added the green polka-dots by using the butt end of a paint brush. The key to getting these looks: Don't be afraid to be creative and when you can't find what you're looking for...make it yourself!
I have to admit that when I think of lace doilies, wedding isn't exactly the first thing that comes to mind. I think of grandma's house and drinking tea in the afternoon; not exactly the aesthetic most brides are looking to portray at their wedding. But much to my surprise I found a new and innovative way to make lace doilies modern and romantic. Martha Stewart showcased these adorable luminaries in their 'DIY' section and I was immediately in love. You don't even have to cut the doilies, leave the bag flat and place the doilie on top and fold the doilies to the height you want and drop it into your paper bag DONE. For a touch of color you color stain your doilies, add warm water to your sink and use food coloring or tie-dye coloring and dip your doilies in and let them sit (continue checking until you get them to the desired color), lay them onto paper towels and allow them to dry. Simple and beautiful.
I completely fell in love with these paper covered vases and candle holders. It's such a great way to change up the look of the typical clear glass holders and give it a touch that is uniquely for your wedding. You can choose any paper that catches your eye, from something BOLD like the turquoise wraps or simple and elegant like the embossed white wrap, here are some paintable wallpapers that I found that will give it that same look at a really low price.

The new BIG thing in weddings (& life) is to be 'green!' This particular wedding was that of Martha Stewart's Assistant,Liesl Menning, and Josh Turner's guitar player, Kevin Haynie. They wed under a old oak tree and danced the night away in a local barn in Franklin, Tennessee. During the ceremony the flower girl tossed flower punch-outs of biodegradable seed paper. You could also punch out different color paper so that it still they more closely resemble flower petals
They made huge strides in not only 'being green' they were extremely budget conscious. Yes, when Martha Stewart is your boss your bound to get cheap decorations, but even for us non-Martha employees it is still within reach. In an effort to reduce & reuse they used paper wood veneer to create the lamps that hung above the guests at dinner. To give them a special touch they cut the edges with Martha Stewart edge trimmers (available at Wal-Mart), cutting off about 1 - 2 inches and then used those trimmings to wrap the base of candleholders that lined the banquet tables.

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  1. Cute, cute, cute! I love the lace doilies idea and how cost efficient!?