The Infamous 'Ring Shot'

What is the one thing you receive before the vows are said and that is left long after the cake is cut? Your rings! Photo by: Chenin Boutwell Studio
After your fiance has spent countless hours choosing and fretting over the perfect ring to go on your finger for the rest of your life, why not go out of your way to commemorate that on your big day.
Photo by: Jennifer Skog Photography
It is after all the item you will wear to show the world where your heart truly lies!
Photo by: Joel Flory Photography
And these days the diamonds have gotten bigger, and gold has turned to platinum so why not take the chance to let your fabulous photographer catch them in some great settings!
The best bet, give your photographer creative license! Do you really think YOU could come up with the creative ideas seen here? I doubt it! So let them do what they do best

Have a favorite verse, highlight them with your rings. Like the below photo they used the rings to show the date of their special day, the skies the limit!
Photos by: Paul Johnson Photography
Photo by: Chenin Boutwell Studio
Who would have thought grass could be so beautiful?

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