The The View From My Shoes posted her "confessions" today, which got me thinking it may be fun to post my own confessions. As she said, we're not talking dirty secrets, just silly and/or embarrasing confessions...
so, I was inspired to do the same:

- The first concert I ever attended was Hanson in middle school. I still love them and I'm proud of it!

- I hate styrofoam! The sound of it makes the hair on my arms stand on end and even the thought of hearing the sound makes me cringe. It's so bad that people purposely give me gifts that are encased in it, UGH!

- My dad called me Tricky Nikki in passing one day when I was about 12. I was hoping no one heard, but of course my brother did, and now I'm almost 24 and he still has me saved in his phone as 'Tricky Nikki.' I don't think I'll ever live that one down.

- Felicity, has and while always be, one of my absolute favorite Tv Shows. My So Called Life was another great one too :)

- I love singing in the shower. The acoustics make ANYONE sound better, now I get why artists record in a booth!

- I am the ultimate bargain shopper. Only about 10% of the things I buy I pay full price for, this includes groceries!

- In school middle school through college, I never ONCE did any of the required book reading. I wrote an entire research paper on a book I never read, and I got the highest grade in the class. Oops...

- As much as I love weddings, and the idea of getting married to the man of my dreams, I'm more excited about being pregnant and having his child.

- And with that said...I cannot wait to marry my soul mate


  1. I just discovered your blog from Design Sponge. What an amazing before and after you did. And I'm loving the engagement photos and your confessions. So fun. I thought I had recovered from my wedding obsession (married 5 years ago) but I can tell after just a few minutes on your site that I'll soon be back to lusting over dresses and cakes and all that fun stuff.

  2. I also just found your blog from design sponge. I love the confessions. I share so many. Especially Felicity / My So-Called Life thing. Also, didn't do much required reading and always did well.

    What a fun blog!