Turquoise & Sand Inspired Vows

Being from a beach state I just had to do a post on turquoise wedding decor! Sometimes beach weddings can be a little too literal, but I think these items will give your day just enough of the care-free beach vibe without going overboard on theme or budget!

The Cake:
Over at Seaside Smitten she posted a blog including a description of
a beautiful Martha Stewart Necco Inspired Cake and as soon as I saw the photo
I was positive this was the one she was referring to. It is so simple yet amazingly beautiful.
Hint: Doing this cake on a budget have Publix make your cake and supply
them with a photo and Necco's and they can take care of it for you! Don't buy
100's of packages and pick through them, they can be found online in bulk by color
The Favors: they aren't blue but they are in sand, so it counts, right? These edible pebbles
are such a cute play on the beach theme, just make sure you tag them like this
bride did so that your guests aren't afraid to eat them! Not lucky enough to live near
an ocean to get sand? Use brown sugar!
The Decor:
I actually saved this photo a few years back and just wanted the chance to showcase it, and I think this is the perfect time. This floating candle/floral arrangement can be done in a pool, fountain, or on a smaller scale in a large clear vessel.

The Send-Off:
These adorable Vellum Confetti Floral Cut-Outs from Martha Stewart Weddings are so
fun and easy to do! Purchase the vellum baggies are your local craft store, like Michaels, as well as sheets of vellum in coordinating colors. Use floral punch outs to create the shapes you like and package them. You can always add a stamp or sticker to the bags for an added touch.

The Registry: So this has nothing to do with the actual wedding day but I saw it and I had
to add it because it's so adorable!!


  1. HI, this is Brooke with the headboard and the cute dog and whatnot. That font is called Clementine Sketch and you can get for free here:

  2. I got married 2.5 years ago... BUT I just ordered this dress from Nordstrom's after seeing it on your blog. I adore it! We have a big gala at an aquarium in a few months that we're attending, and this is so perfect!! So chic! thx!

  3. I'm so happy to hear that you found something you love on my blog!! An aquarium gala would be the perfect place for this gown, I'd love it if you sent me a photo of you at your big event to post on the blog :)

  4. Thanks for mentioning my blog! I LOVE that cake and the dresses!