Edible Silver Beads!

I have always loved the look of these silver beads, or silver dragees, which is their technical name. I can remember as a child my mother would get these at the local grocery store and we used to eat them while we baked. I used to remember thinking that they looked just like BB's so I always thought it was so cool that I could actually eat them!

These days you would be lucky to find these at them at your local grocery store, mostly they can be found at cake decorating/craft store. And now they come in silver, gold, pastels, etc
These turquoise cupcakes are making my mouth water!! The majority of people can make a great cupcake but struggle when it comes to decorating it, so how much easier can this be! Just ice them, sprinkle and enjoy!
This STUNNING cake is covered in the silver dragees in varying might break a tooth but it would be totally worth it!

The close up!!!


  1. I remember those too but never knew what they were called.

  2. I absolutely love the last cake. It looks amazing!

  3. I always thought they were so cool! That cake is amazing!

  4. omgahhh i want the last cake to be my wedding cake or sumthing a bit like that who created such magic ?

  5. Dragees? This help me a lot thank you!