Tiny 2 Party!

I've always wanted kids, that is nothing new, but now that I found this fabulous party idea from The Creativity Room I can't wait to host a 'Tiny Party' of my own!Beyond the party being great she did a lot of this stuff herself, so as a fellow DIY-er I was smitten. And when she wasn't able to find paper lanterns in the right color she hand dyed them with the food coloring she used on the cupcakes, how smart is that?!?! Just one more reason I say, make it your own, if you can't find it...make it, if it's not good enough...make it better!
She was lucky enough to have a friend make the tiny hot dog and hamburger buns and found the tiny dogs at Albertson's hand made the teeny burgers.
Want to make something commercial look custom, put pretty paper on it! She designed her own patterned paper for the party and used it on the water bottles, food signs, crafts, etc...

Ok...I am ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with this cupcake idea! She used 2oz. souffle cups, which can be purchased online in bulk, or at your local baking supply shop and made her own buttercream frostin, she was nice enough to post her recipe- find it here!
She also served scoops of ice cream in 3 oz. souffle cups which were to be eaten with wooden spoons! Makes me feel like a kid again, and if she updates with photos of that I will add them.

The little '2's,' polka-dots and 'elle' on the birthday girl's cake were made from colored royal icing. She piped them onto parchment paper & popped them into the fridge to harden them. What a sweet addition ♥
Makes me wish I was turning 2 again, this cake is so wonderful and I bet it was yummy and even better all over the toddlers face!


  1. So freakin adorable, makes me wish i had a kid.. cept not really cause im only 17. lol (: great idea though!!! <3

  2. I LOVE the cupcake idea! Such great party ideas(locking them in for next year;)

  3. The mom who threw this party had to purchase all the souffle cups in bulk and she was trying to get rid of the remainder, you might get lucky!

  4. wow these colors are amazing! and I adore the cupcakes and the little water bottles! :-D thanks for the photos they are so inspiring!