Who Says your Ladies Have to Wear Solid?

As much as I love a pretty bridesmaid dress, and we I'm sure we've all noticed they are getting better every year (no more turquoise taffeta with fluffy sleeves!!!), the solid ones are just so typical. So if you want to give your BIG day a little punch, put your girls in a patterned dress!

These days so many brides are basing their wedding day theme on a pattern, which makes me so proud! I've never been afraid of pattern and now people are finally jumping on that train.Wouldn't it be nice if you actually saw the pattern that inspired your wedding in your group photos, instead of just on your reception tables? I think so!
So don't be afraid of adding a little (or A LOT of) pattern to your special day to pack a memorable punch for your guests.
Photo by: LuLuBelle's Blog
If you don't think you can handle all over pattern, or think your girls won't be flattered in full patterned garb, try adding a small punch. These dresses have a small band of floral for all the punch without be so out of the ordinary.


  1. Those dresses are amazing! I love how the yellow flowers pop in the first couple shots!!

  2. Great idea! I love the patterned look. I didn't do it, but sometimes I wish I had, especially if I had done my wedding outside.